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Show the result of your work, don’t just tell them | OurBusinessAdventure
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A number of years ago I did a couple of makeovers of slides for a client to show them how my ideas would apply to the topics they presented. It was an extra I added on and just did it to try to show a skeptical group that my ideas would indeed work in their situation. Little did I know that this would become one of the most important parts of my business.

Today, I prepare dozens of slide makeovers for every session and I feature this prominently when I discuss the value of my workshops to prospects. This level of customization is one of the most impactful aspects of the workshop. I see the lightbulbs go off in the eyes of the participants as they see how their own presentations could improve.

I believe in your business it is critical to show how your work will change a client or prospect’s business, not just tell them it will. It is so effective to help sell your services.

There is always some hesitation from a prospect wondering if your solution will really help with their problem. Every prospect believes that their situation is totally unique and unlike any other situation anyone has ever faced before. You and I both know that it is not as unique as they think it is. But by showing how your ideas apply to their specific situation, it confirms that your solution will work for them.

We recently had our old deck replaced with a new deck, and our consultant Megan used this idea expertly during the sales process. She visited our home to look at our old deck, our property, and take measurements. When we next met with her, she had a 3-D model of the back of our home with our new deck as it would look if we contracted with them. She had the trees and garden in the right spot, and we could move around the deck on her computer screen. She had a printout that we could take with us. Compare that to the deck person who came to the house, took some measurements, and emailed a quote that had no images at all. We are now enjoying our new deck that the company Megan works for constructed.

In some sales situations, creating such as example isn’t possible. For me, I don’t have the opportunity to do slide makeovers until after I have signed the contract because I need an NDA in place to look at their slides. So what I do is have a gallery of generic slide makeovers (based on real slides from workshops) on my website that they can look through. This is similar to a portfolio that some businesses use. I suggest you have these more generic examples easily accessed on your website. I have found that my slide makeover videos are by far the most popular item clicked on in my bi-weekly newsletter, reinforcing how much people are looking for real world examples.

When you create the gallery on your website, consider how you want to organize it. For me, organizing by industry and by type of visual makes sense because then prospects can quickly find the examples that fit their situation. Take some time to think about the organization of your examples so your prime prospects can find the examples that convince them to contact you.

Think of ways you can show prospects the result of your services, and put those images or illustrations on your website for prospects to see.