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Free Wifi when travelling

I travel often to the US from Canada, so I am very familiar with the excessive costs when your smartphone is roaming in another country. I’ve had roaming charges over $400 in a single month before I smartened up. Keeping in touch with email, checking a map for...

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How to measure the Return on investing in your services

B2B businesses need to communicate to prospects the benefit of purchasing their services and products. B2B decisions are based more on measured outcomes than B2C purchasing decisions. I have found in conversations with other business owners that this area is not...

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When you should turn down work

In the early days of your business, you took pretty much anything that came your way because you had to pay the bills. I get that. But now that you have a more mature business, you should think about when to turn down work. Yes, there are some jobs you should not...

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When to speak for free

As a successful business owner or expert, you will be asked to speak for free (or a small honorarium) at local association or organization meetings or at regional or national conferences. Why would you want to do free work? Sometimes, it is actually a good investment...

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