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It has been almost 17 years since we started our business. Hard to believe when I write it. Any business that has been around for that long has learned lessons along the way. My aim with this blog is to share some of those lessons, along with tips and tricks we have learned and what has worked (and not worked) along the way. It has been an adventure, that’s for sure!

So you know my perspective, let me share a little about our business. I help corporate presenters create PowerPoint presentations that have a clear message, focused content, and effective visuals. About 90% of my income comes from in-house customized training workshops for corporate clients. I have written eight books and have created many digital products such as ebooks, videos, and e-courses. I am one of fifteen people in North America recognized by Microsoft with the PowerPoint Most Valuable Professional Award for my contributions to the presentation community. Almost every new prospect I get comes from either a referral from an existing satisfied client, or they find my website (http://www.ThinkOutsideTheSlide.com) in a Google search. I don’t have staff and work out of our basement.

Some might ask why I don’t refer to it as my business since I am the one out doing the speaking and writing the books. When you have a successful business, it is never just the work of one person. It takes a team. In my case, it is primarily my family, with my wife, Sheila, playing a major role. She edits everything I write (books, reports, newsletters) and is a sounding board for the ideas and concerns I have. She also keeps the home running, which allows me to work as hard on the business as I do.

My hope is that what I share will help other entrepreneurs skip some of the road bumps along the way. Who are these ideas for? Primarily B2B service businesses that have been successful for a few years already, because that is where I have been for more than a decade now. Other business owners will certainly benefit too, but I don’t profess to be an expert in B2C or product, manufacturing, or retail businesses. I will share lessons I have personally learned and will try to link to pages on my main business website that demonstrate how I have implemented the ideas so you can see that I actually do what I say I do.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you find some practical ideas that will help you. The best way to get future ideas is by joining the mailing list. I won’t send you junk or spam you because I hate that stuff too. Just notices of new posts and an occasional email on something that I think you will find interesting. I’ll aim to post once a week, but no promises since I still have the primary business to run.

Dave Paradi